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September 2017

A thankful heart is not only the greatest virtue,

but the parent of all other virtues.



Dear Family and Friends!

As we’ve said time and again, fundraising is hard! And now it may get even harder because of our decision to step away from our very successful and incredible fundraising/raffle dinners. Because of the generosity of the many who attended these events and the support of those who were unable to attend, over $210,000 in net revenues were generated since 2008 which enabled the Gregg F. Clyne Memorial Foundation to award 17 scholarships to well deserving students matriculating at the University of Delaware.

We are not the American Heart Association, the Leukemia Foundation nor any one of those huge organizations that raise millions. We applaud them for the good work that they do. However, we are different…. We are unique… Gregg’s Foundation is a very personal and rewarding experience for the students, their families, and for everyone who has helped and been involved in the Foundation’s growth and success…we are a 501(c)3 Foundation that started because of a young person’s wish before he died to make a small difference in the lives of well deserving young adults.

Going forward our goal is to fundraise through an annual appeal and we have enclosed a self-addressed stamped envelope for your convenience. Donations can also be made directly on Gregg’s website. We are confident that with your support we will be able to continue the mission of Gregg’s Foundation.

We’d like to share with you all that has happened since our last newsletter:

· March 12, 2016 - (Gregg’s 37th birthday) the fifth GFCMF fundraiser was held at the Gran Centurions in Clark, NJ. 193 guests were in attendance (a record high) and approximately $25,000 was netted.

· May 2016 - the GFCMF awarded a scholarship to Brittany Hogan from Cranford High School

· June 2016 - Anthony Valles and Alexandra Faro (2012 recipients) graduated from the University of Delaware

· June 2016 - the recipients (both past and present) attended the annual dinner gathering at our home.

· June 2017- the GFCMF awarded a scholarship to Erin Readie from Cranford High School

· June 2017- Alexandra Beck and Kathryn Contini (2013 recipients) graduated from the University of Delaware

· And once again on June 29, 2017, recipients (both past and present) attended the annual dinner gathering at our home. It is wonderful to see them conversing, laughing and enjoying their time together.

To date, the GFCMF has awarded grants to seventeen (17) students totaling over $135,500 with future commitments of $16,000 to students currently at UD.

So how do we keep the Spirit of Gregg alive without our huge fundraising dinners? Well our plan is to hold a fun event at a bowing alley…and not just any bowling alley. The establishment that we checked out gives an incredible new spin on bowling with black-lights, video walls, an arcade, laser tag arena, plus dining and a full bar! So to commemorate, in 2018, the ten year anniversary of Gregg’s Foundation… we will make this event happen! Unlike the fundraising dinner, this will NOT be a fundraiser, except for maybe a 50/50 raffle. The cost for you would be the price of the bowling, shoes, and food. You need not have to bowl to join us. It will be a celebration, whether or not you bowl! (Bowling information will be sent in early 2018.)

Like we said so many times before, we had no idea how successful the Foundation would be….oh so little faith had we… but blind faith goes a long way with great friends and family by our side.

In closing, we wish to express our gratitude for your generosity and support in securing the future of The Gregg F. Clyne Memorial Foundation.

We remain dedicated to the Foundation’s mission and our son’s legacy.


      Mary Ann and George Clyne
      The Gregg F. Memorial Foundation, Inc.



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