August 2010
The Gregg F. Clyne Memorial Foundation, Inc.

August 22, 2010

The Gregg F. Clyne Memorial Foundation hosted its second fundraising dinner gala at the Gran Centurions in Clark, NJ on August 14, 2010  It was an absolutely wonderful occasion, and we couldn’t be more pleased with the outcome. Although the month of August is not the most popular time of the year to hold an event due to vacations, we were very pleased that over 130 people responded in the affirmative and came out to support and celebrate Gregg’s life, legacy and mission. The five scholarship award recipients were also in attendance, Brittany Van Sickle (2008), Jessica Taylor (2008), Kaitlyn Williamson (2009), Caroline Yeager (2010) and Emily Williams (2010). 

George Clyne introduced Mary Friedman, Gregg’s hospice nurse, friend of the family and board member, to give an invocation to start off the night. George then spoke briefly about the night’s program and the mission of the Foundation.   Love, respect and loyalty for family and friends, which was especially important to Gregg, was the theme for the evening, and was also the message written by Steven Clyne for the event’s program book.

Reminiscent of the inaugural fundraiser held in March 2009, we again exceeded our expectations by raising over $21,000 from activities held that evening and donations received from those people who were unable to attend. Over 60 merchants/retailers and friends and family members generously contributed merchandise for the raffle prizes and silent auction. From beginning to end, the night was filled with much love and support for Gregg , his family and his foundation. 

A short video of Gregg in his early years, a teenager and young adult was shown and although viewing the video was extremely moving, it also captured Gregg in many instances as a happy and silly boy. There was footage of Gregg and his antics that actually had our guests laughing. 

Following the video, dinner was served and then over 60 baskets of gifts ranging in value from $100 to $250 were raffled off, 14 silent auctions items were won by the highest bidder, and a live auction was held, offering a 5 day, 4 night vacation in Vermont.

Two comedians from The Comedy Shoppe entertained the guests for the next 45 minutes, but the night was topped off when Gregg’s granddad, Frank Femiano, picked from a basket of 700 tickets the winner of the 50/50 which was a cash prize of $3500. Karlene Gregory, from Brooklyn, NY was the lucky winner.

Mary Ann Clyne closed the evening with special thanks to the many hardworking friends and family members who helped make the success of this fundraiser possible by soliciting for gifts, purchasing raffle items and selling 50/50’s, as well as creating the invitations, programs and video. She also made special mention of Gregg’s grandmother, Ida Femiano, who recently passed away in June. She is certain that Gregg welcomed his grandma into heaven when she arrived.

 The success of this fundraiser and future fundraisers will allow the work of the Foundation to continue to award financial assistance to local area high students that are accepted and plan on attending the University of Delaware (Gregg’s alma mater). For more information regarding Gregg’s Foundation, please visit Gregg’s website at or email us at

The family of Gregg Clyne and the Board of Directors of the Gregg F. Clyne Memorial Foundation thanks their devoted friends and families who have been constant in their commitment to helping them. Their enthusiasm for and devotion to the Foundation is truly an inspiration.

 With Regards,

The Gregg F. Clyne Memorial Foundation, Inc.
Board of Directors