Steven Clyne, Chairman
George Clyne, President
Patricia Walsh, Treasurer
Mary Ann Clyne, Secretary
Mary Friedman, Board Member
Rick Martinelli, Board Member
Patricia McCullough, Board Member
Kelly McCloskey Brummer, Board Member
January 10, 2010

Dear Family and Friends,
We are extremely pleased with our accomplishments since the inception of Gregg’s Foundation in January 2008. We want to extend a heartfelt thanks to all our wonderful family members and friends who helped us along the way. We couldn’t have done it without your support and encouragement. Gregg has certainly made his mark. In just a short time we have awarded scholarships to three young women, Brittany VanSickle (2008), Jessica Taylor (2008), and Kaitlyn Williamson (2009) and we couldn’t be more pleased with our selection. Hardworking, responsible, honest and pleasant are just a few words to describe these girls. During their Thanksgiving break they took the time to visit with us and enthusiastically expressed their desire to get involved in helping with future fundraising. We are confident that “our” students will always be a part of our lives and Gregg’s Foundation.
The request made by Gregg shortly before his death to start a foundation was constantly on our minds. We kept hearing his words …“I want you to start a foundation in my name…I want my legacy to be about helping students achieve their goals…Please do this for me”. Becoming entrenched in Foundation work was, at first. a way to distract ourselves from dealing with the loss of our beloved Gregg. We kept on saying … we need to start this… we need to get this done. It became an obsession. Gregg was waiting and watching …we couldn’t disappoint him. So we began the process. Our initial fundraising campaign was launched in July 2008 when we mailed out over 500 letters to family and friends describing the mission and plans for the Foundation. The response was overwhelming. We raised approximately $45,000 in donations in just a few short months. It didn’t take us long to realize that Gregg’s Foundation was no longer a distraction, it was a gift from Gregg.
The Gregg F. Clyne Memorial Foundation, Inc. hosted its Inaugural Scholarship Fundraiser at the Gran Centurions in Clark, NJ on March 14, 2009. The five hour event was attended by 175 family and friends, including the 2008 scholarship award recipients, in celebration of Gregg’s 30th birthday and in support of its mission. There was dinner, dancing, a silent auction, prize raffling and 50/50 tickets sold. This event netted over $21,000. While there were many special moments during the evening, the video celebrating Gregg’s 30th birthday in loving memory of his life and legacy was beyond a doubt the ‘Special Moment”. Tears, wonderful memories and smiles filled the room as each remembered Gregg in the many special ways he touched their lives. For his family, the most treasured part of the evening was bringing so many people together in celebration of Gregg’s life. For those of you who knew Gregg, there was never any doubt about his abiding love of, respect for and loyalty to his family and friends.
The event team worked tirelessly in making the inaugural fundraiser spectacular, but on the morning of the event, as we began setting up, the thought that possibly something could go wrong crossed our minds… after all, we had absolutely no prior experience. We clearly remember saying that we could not even begin to think about undertaking another fundraising event of this magnitude. The thought was daunting. However, just a few short hours later, while rehashing the evening’s activities, we were so excited and happy with the outcome that we did, in fact, begin talking about the “next” fundraiser. The overwhelming support for Gregg and his Foundation was evident that night…the room was filled with so much life, love, laughter and hope. We can hardly wait for our friends and family to join us for the 2010 fundraiser.
On that note, we want to let you know about our goals and plans for the future. As you know, it takes hard work to make anything work well. The most difficult and awkward part is asking for donations, especially during this economic crisis. Could we stop now and keep the Foundation going for the next few years without additional fundraising activies? The answer is absolutely YES. Do we want to? The answer is absolutely NO. Continuity is key to the success of this Foundation so we need to stay on course and not take a break. Our students need help. College tuitions continue to escalate. With the soaring cost of education, our goal is to persistently increase the scholarship awards each year. Our primary fundraising method will be hosting an event, similar to the one held in March 2009, approximately every 18 months. Very shortly we will begin the planning process by going to our local merchants to let them know of our upcoming event. In the interim we rely on donations that come through Gregg’s website. The Foundation’s overhead and administrative costs has been and will continue to be minimal…we are very resourceful.
The plan of the Foundation is to award scholarship monies to our recipients for four years. Each year we will select one (or possibly two) high school graduating student/s enrolled at the University of Delaware (Gregg’s alma mater) that meets the criteria as set forth by the Foundation. Assuming that the students continue to meet the standards established by the Board, an award will be presented to them after each academic school year is completed.
Our next major fundraising event is scheduled for Saturday, August 14, 2010 at the Gran Centurions. Details are being worked on, but we are confident that this event will meet and go beyond our expectations. Other fundraising plans are in the works and they will be posted on Gregg’s website… so visit it to keep updated on the Foundation’s activities and to sign Gregg’s Guestbook!!
In the words of Steven Clyne, Gregg’s brother and Chairman of The Gregg F. Clyne Memorial Foundation, Inc…“Let us not be controlled by grief or fear. Let us use the love and memories we have of Gregg to inspire and motivate us to do great things. It was what Gregg stood for and the only true way to show him justice and celebrate his life”.
As always, thank you for your love and support.

Board of Directors
The Gregg F. Clyne Memorial Foundation, Inc.

…and now few words from our scholarship awards recipients…

Brittany…This Foundation hasn’t just helped me financially; it has also inspired me. Learning how Gregg lived his life no matter what came up has helped me push through hard times that arrive in my life. The best part of this Foundation too is the people that I have met; they are willing to help me when they can and they are truly sincere and genuine.
Jessica…When I was told about this scholarship opportunity at the end of my senior year, I thought it would be just like other scholarships. Had you asked me then if I would still be in contact with the Clynes’, I would have probably guessed no, but that is what makes this Foundation different. Since meeting Mr. and Mrs. Clyne about a year and half ago, I have come to know and love the entire Clyne family. While I never met Gregg, I feel a connection to him from hearing the stories his family shares and just learning about what an amazing, strong person he was. The Gregg F. Clyne Memorial Foundation isn’t just a Foundation, it is a family. Family is something that is really close to my heart and the Clynes, Brittany and Kaitlyn have become like a second family. I am thankful every day for the opportunity this award gives me, but also for the memories that have and will be made.
Kaitlyn…The Gregg F. Clyne Foundation means the world to me. It is a Foundation that sends out a message of hope and love. As the 2009 scholarship recipient, I know that through this scholarship I am not only gaining benefactors, but also friends. From the moment I met the Clynes, I knew that I wanted to be a part of their organization. Their kind hearts and dedication to Gregg’s wishes are inspiring. There is not a day that goes by when I’m walking on the University of Delaware green that I do not think about the Foundation, and the opportunities it has given to me. University of Delaware is the perfect fit for me, and I cannot thank the Foundation enough for providing me with the 2009 scholarship. It has helped my family finance my education in this time of economic instability. I am honored to be a walking representation of the Foundation at the University of Delaware. I will proudly carry on Gregg’s legacy of determination and heart here at UD.

We imagined, we desired, we believed, we were enthusiastic… and Gregg’s dream came to pass.